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We are moving out of state in October...all merchandise is half price until we lock the doors. Anyone interested in continuing the business can contact us at 630-346-1565.


We want to find our puppies good homes with great families!

We offer puppies for sale in the Chicago area. We raise Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) and Yorkiepoo's but we also offer for sale registered and first generation designer crosses, such as; Shichons (Teddy Bears or Zuchon), Shorkies, Mal-Shi (Cubby Bears), Morkies, Shih Poo, Maltipoo, Yorkiepoo,Toy Poodles, Bichons, Shih Tzu, Chihuahau's, Dachshund, and variety of other puppies in the Chicago area. Designer cross puppies are mixed breed by design. We are here to help you find a puppy in the Chicago area. Most of our designer cross puppies are Hypoallergenic, all of our puppies are pet quality, we don't believe we are qualified to determine what a show quality puppy is. We do however, know and have extensive experience in raising and selling healthy, energetic, loving puppies which make adoring family pets.

We have just opened our new "Small Dog Boutique". We are located at 1557 Ogden Ave, Oswego IL 60543. The Boutique is located next the "Tuffy's Automotive" and across the street from "LA Fitness". We offer a full line of products for small breed dogs, we have a lot of items that you won't see in most pet stores. We are specializing in dogs under 20 pounds but will be able to order larger sizes if requested. Come visit and we would appreciate your comments...

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New Puppies have Arrived

Our New Puppies are arriving and they are soooo cute! If you click here you can see pictures and prices for our puppies! We want to find these puppies good families and great homes!

September Puppies
Shichon Puppies, 3M, 2F 10/09/14

Check back for more updates!